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Hello! Welcome to our nest! 

Hornby Island eagles


The beautiful bald eagles you see on our web cam live on Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada

Bald eagles are raptors, birds that have beaks, talons and abilities that allow them to find, catch and eat their foods. 

The Hornbys' favourite foods are fish, like herring, salmon and midshipmen. The eagles will soar over the water looking for fish to catch, but Dad Hornby is not above stealing a fish from a crow

Bald eagles prefer to live in habitat that has water for fishing, tall sturdy trees for nesting, and privacy. They are not comfortable with humans, especially when they are nesting.

The Hornbys are lucky birds because their habitat is very good. There are many tall trees for perching and for building nests near the shore; the ocean there still has enough food for them and the other eagles on Hornby Island. They have more privacy than do many other eagles because the island is not over-populated by humans. Habitat loss is a very serious problem for these birds. When people cut down the big strong trees to build roads or houses, some eagles lose their homes.

The people of Hornby Island are working hard to protect their habitat, and that of their wild neighbours.

Can you find the underlined words in the story in this puzzle? 

word search

click on the picture for a PDF file you can download and print

nest tree

Draw a nest in this Douglas Fir Tree.

click on the picture for a PDF file you can download and print

A Word Puzzle

word puzzle

Hover below to reveal the answers:

Unscrambled words: NEST, PREY, TALONS, FEATHER, BEAK
Final word: RAPTORS


How many words of 4 letters or more can you find in BALD EAGLE?

Find 20 or more 4-letter words, and spread your wings.
Find over 50 words (3-letter words too if you like) and soar with the eagles.

Hover below to reveal the answers:

Words found in "Bald Eagle" 4 or more letters: abed, able, adage, aged, alee, alga, algae, allege, alleged, baaed, bade, badge, bagel, bald, bale, baled, ball, ballad, balled, bead, beadle, beagle, bell, belle, blade, bled, bleed, dale, deal, dell, eagle, edge, egad, gable, gabled, gala, gale, gall, galled, geld, gelled, glad, glade, glebe, glee, label, labeled, lade, ladle, lead, ledge, legal (52)

3-letter words: age, ale, all, baa, bad, bag, bed, bee, beg, dab, eel, ell, gab, gad, gal, gee, gel, lab, lad, lag, lea, led, lee, leg (24)

Why are they called "bald" eagles?   Where do they live?   How many eggs do they lay?

You can find answers to these and many more questions on our Eagle FAQ  and you can also visit the Kids' Zone area of our forum to ask questions like these:

    Q: How many feathers does a bald eagle have? (and how do you know?)

    A: An eagle has about 7,200 feathers (somebody counted).

king of the castle

Our forum also has lots of games and activities, so we hope you will visit us there.
We'll be looking for you!

looking for you

Bald Eagle Jigsaw Puzzle

see if you can put the pieces together to make a picture of 
Dad Hornby

Previous puzles for you to enjoy again

3988413473 c08bff2 Jigsaw PuzzleMom Hornby in the snow


Dad Hornby2 Jigsaw Puzzle

Dad Hornby2 Jigsaw Puzzle




If you would like to contact us, email us at

Please note: We will keep your name, address and email address confidential. They will not be traded or sold to others.


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