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Have you found a wild bird, mammal, reptile, or amphibian that might be in trouble?

If you are unsure whether the animal needs help or whether it could be exhibiting normal behaviour, you can find information on "What constitutes a wildlife emergency?" on the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC) website, where they identify situations and problems that require immediate attention : IWRC: wildlife emergency

IWRC has more help files on its international website: Wildlife International help files

If the animal does appear to be in crisis, please contact a wildlife rehabilitator as quickly as possible. To find a wildlife rehabilitator near you, please check the international wildlife rehabilitators directory: Rehabilitator Directory

If there are no wildlife rehabilators or facilities listed for your state, province, or country please contact your government agency responsible for wildlife. The government agency should also be contacted if you are concerned about possible illegal activities involving wildlife.

An international wildlife agencies directory can be viewed here: International Wildlife Agencies

For information on laws and treaties for the protection of wildlife, and on wildlife crime, please go to: Protective Laws and Treaties



“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged
by the way its animals are treated.”

Mahatma Ghandi



Coming soon ...

Stories from the HEART of Hornby

Niner's Story (2010) eaglet found standing by the side of a road on Hornby


Brig's Story (2010) eaglet found near the water on Hornby


Decker's Story (2010) eaglet who visited a house deck on Hornby


Oriole's Story (2011)

Oriole, a male seal pup, was found on the shore of Hornby Island in July 2011. Pictures were sent to MARS, who confirmed the emaciated condition of this harbor seal pup. He was flown to IWNCC on Salt Spring Island for rehabilittion and released several months later.


Shredder's Story (2011)




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