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About Us

     The Hornby Eagle Group, now the Hornby Eagle Group Projects Society, was formed in 2009 to facilitate the return of Doug Carrick's Hornby Island eagle cam to the World Wide Web. As of December 2010, we have been a registered non-profit society in British Columbia.

We are an internationally diverse group of people with members in Canada, the United States, and the UK (England), connected through our shared experience observing Mom and Dad Hornby - a very special pair of bald eagles. Some of us discovered the nest in 2006 and others not until 2009, yet all of us were captivated by the intimate view of nature that this webcam provided.

For two years (November 2009 - August 2011), we streamed the Hornby Island Eagle webcam through and our website reflects that unique history. Some of our members recorded the behaviour of Mom and Dad Hornby and others documented their nest life in screencaptures and video. You will find many of the pictures and videos here and on our forum.

     Our Mission. As a registered Society in British Columbia, we are dedicated to fulfilling the following goals:
(a) To educate the public on the importance of preservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat
(b) To stream or embed webcam(s) for viewing over the internet, when possible
(c) To provide educational resources (we maintain a forum, live chat, and Facebook page)
(d) To assist and promote the work of wildlife rehabilitation and recovery centers.


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