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Favorite Webcam Links

Eagles - USA

IWS (5 nests on one page) ~ Channel Islands, California

Southwest Florida ~ Harriet & M15 ~ Fort Myers, Florida

Berry College Eagles (3 views) ~ Georgia

Raptor Resource Project Eagle Cam ~ Decorah, Iowa

"Minnesota Bound" Eagle cam ~ Hutchinson, Minnesota

Jordan Lake Wildlife ~ Raleigh-Durham area, North Carolina

Pittsburgh Hays Bald Eagles ~ Pennsylvania

Liberty & Justice ~ Washington D.C.

Mr. President & The First Lady ~ Washington D.C.

Belle & Shep ~ Shepardstown, West Virgina

Eagles4Kids ~ Blair & Thunder ~ Wisconsin

Captive Parents

Independence & Franklin ~ AEF ~ Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Eagles - Canada & Australia

Hornby Eagles - Nest & Territory cam ~ Hornby  Island, British Columbia

White-Bellied Sea Eagles ~ Sydney, Australia

Eagles and other Wildlife

Orcas ( several cams) - Hanson Island, BC




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Wild Birds - Canada

Great Blue Heron rookery ~ Vancouver

Great Horned Owl (GHO) ~ Ellis Bird Farm, Lacombe, Alberta

Wild Birds - USA

Sandhill Cranes -Rowe Sanctuary, Nebraska (watch at sunrise and sunset through April)

Barn Owl ~ Starr Ranch, California

Condor ~ San Diego (Zoo), California

Bird Cams (several species) ~ Cornell Labs~ Rochester, NY

Red-Tailed Hawk ~ Cornell U.~ Ithaca, NY

Hawks and Wildlife at EAGLECREST ~ California

Osprey ~ Oliveea & Oscar ~ Alcoa Yadkin Project

Bird Feeder Cams - USA, Canada, and Brazil

Cornell Feeder Cam ~ Sapsucker Woods, NY

Cornell Feeder Watch ~ Ontario

Birdcams in Brazil (and Ecuador) ~ (list on the left)


Brooks Falls, Alaska,Bears

Outdoor pond cam at NA Bear Center ~ Ely, MN

Out of Africa

Safari Live (9:30 & noon Eastern time for sunset/sunrise drives)




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