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The Eagles of Hornby Island Nesting Season Highlights

2010 Eagles of Hornby Island
Nesting Season Highlights

This compilation of the highlights of the 2010 nesting season is a labor of love from many members of the Hornby Eagles family.
We thank boonibarb for the use of her original copyrighted photographs and the many viewers who contributed screenshots and videos.
All images from the webcamera are Šthe Hornby Eagle Group Projects Society and D. Carrick.




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Chapter 1 - Nestorations

Chapter 1 - Nestorations 
Oct 2 - Dec 19, 2009

2 - Courtship & Mating

Chapter 2 - Courtship & Mating
Dec 30, 2009 - Mar 20, 2010

3 - Egg Laying

Chapter 3 - Egg Laying & Incubating
Mar 21 - Apr 27, 2010

4 - Hatching

Chapter 4 - Hatching
Apr 28-29, 2010

Phoenix Day 1-19

Chapter 5 - Phoenix
Day 1 - 19
Apr 29 - May 18, 2010

Day 20-39

Chapter 6 - Phoenix
Day 20 - 39
May 19 - Jun 7, 2010

Day 40-59

  Chapter 7 - Phoenix 
Day 40 - 59
Jun 8 - Jun 26, 2010


 Day 60-Jul 13

  Chapter 8 - Phoenix 
Day 60 - Jul 13
Jun 27 - Jul 13, 2010

Phoenix Memorial

Chapter 9 - Phoenix Memorial
Hatched: Apr 29, 2010
Death: Jul 14, 2010

10 - Highlights

Chapter 10 - Hornby Highlights
Hornby Island Happenings



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Chapter 1 - Nestorations


  Mom & Dad Return to Hornby Island & Prepare Nest for Season, Oct 2, 2009

Tree from waterside

Nest tree from waterside

Dad and Mom in Gregg's Tree

Dad top, Mom below in Gregg's tree
(Click on picture to enlarge)
Oct 3, 2009

Tree from back

Nest tree from back
Wide angle camera on boom.


Nestorations in progress
(Click on picture to enlarge)
Nov 11, 2009

Soft fir bedding

Soft fir bedding
Nov 28, 2009

Dad the builder

Dad the Builder
Nov 29, 2009


Sunrise on Hornby Nest
Dec 5, 2009

Dad delivers lichen

Dad delivers lichen
Dec 11, 2009

Winter - Snow on nest

Snow on nest
Dec 14, 2009

Video: Nest building

Video: Nestorations
Nest building continues.
Dec 16, 2009

Nest restoring into the night

Working into the night
Dad on left, Mom on right.
Dec 27, 2009



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Chapter 2 -  Courtship & Mating


Doug Reports Observing First Mating of Season, Dec 30, 2010

First mating of season

Doug reports First Mating of Season today
Dec 30, 2010

Mom enjoys halibut

Mom enjoys halibut gift from Dad
Feb 6, 2010

Dad tries out nest bowl

Dad tries out nest bowl

Dad and Mom in Love Tree

Dad & Mum in Love tree
Feb 17, 2010


Sunrise on nest
Do you see two hearts?
Mar 19, 2010



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Chapter 3 -  Egg Laying & Incubating


 Eggs Laid on Mar 21 & 24, 2010

First view, first egg

First view of first egg
Doug & Sheila are up! See porch lights in distance.
Mar 21, 2010, 6:30 a.m. Nest Time

First egg

The Egg
Mar 21, 2010

Dad in nest bowl

Dad incubating

Turning the egg

Dad approaching his egg
Incubating and turning the eggs.
Mar 22, 2010

Mom ventilating

Mom ventilating to control temperature
Mar 23, 2010

Second egg is laid

Second Egg is laid
Mar 24, 2010

Mom arranging grass

Mom arranges grass

Mom incubates in the rain

Mom incubates eggs in rain
Mar 26, 2010

Mom coaxes Dad to leave nest

Sweet Exchange
Mom arrived, Dad greeted her with soft cries. Mom made soft sounds and put her head down over Dad's to encourage him to leave.
Mar 30, 2010

Morning sunlight

Mom and Dad in morning sunlight
(Click on picture to enlarge)
Apr 10, 2010

Video: Mom calling

Video: Mom Calls and Cachunks
Mom calls to Dad. Dad flies by nest. Then Mom cachunks. 
Mom calls and Dad flies by the nest. Mom again calls and Dad comes to nest.

Apr 11, 2010



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Chapter 4 - Hatching


Pip hole seen on Second Egg on Apr 28-29, 2010.  First Egg is not viable and does not hatch.

A pip!

A Pip! Peeping heard as Dad rolls eggs
Apr 28, 2010

Parents looking at eggs 

Parents focus on their Hatchling


Pip enlarged

Pip enlarged, loud peeping heard
Apr 28, 2010

Phoenix hatching

Phoenix hatching
Eaglet emerges from egg.
Apr 29, 2010

Phoenix hatching



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Chapter 5 - Phoenix, Day 1 - 19


Apr 29 - May 18, 2010

Phoenix Day 1

Day 1 - Hello Phoenix!
Apr 29, 2010

Phoenix looking up to Mom

Looking up to Mom - Phoenix Day 2
May 1, 2010

Double hatch size

Double hatch size - Phoenix Day 4
May 3, 2010

Full crop

Stuffed - Day 5
May 4, 2010

Two spots on egg

Two spots on the other egg - Phoenix Day 7
The egg pictured did not hatch.
May 6, 2010

Feeding time

Feeding time - Phoenix Day 8
Does my butt look big in this picture?
May 7, 2010

Nap time

Nap time - Phoenix Day 9
May 8, 2010

Almost asleep

Phoenix almost asleep

Full crop

No room for more!
May 11, 2010

Video: Dad flies in with branch

Video: Dad flies in with branch
Phoenix flattens on nest to avoid a collision.
May 13, 2010

Keeping warm

Phoenix buried in grasses for warmth
May 14, 2010

Looking at camera

Phoenix ready for close-up!
May 15, 2010

Mom & Phoenix's talons

Mom's feet and talons compared with Phoenix
Check out Phoenix's Crop!



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Chapter 6 - Phoenix, Day 20 - 39


May 19 - Jun 7, 2010

Spread wings

Phoenix spreads wings
May 21, 2010

Close up of Phoenix

Phoenix finds camera
May 21, 2010

Expelling a pellet?

Expelling a pellet?

Dad delivers herring

Parent delivers Herring
Sequence of 3 photos & video.
May 21, 2010

Phoenix grabs herring

Phoenix reaches out and grabs fish

Swallowing whole

Phoenix begins to swallow fish

Video: Phoenix snatches and eats herring whole

Video:  Phoenix Grabs & Swallows Herring
Going, going, gone!
May 21, 2010

Stick moving

Stick Moving
May 23, 2010

Brooding in the rain

Brooding under Mom in the rain
May 25, 2010

Poopshot hits camera

Phoenix's poopshot direct hit to close up cam
Close up camera now blurry.
May 26, 2010

Feathers coming in

Feathers are coming in
(Click picture to enlarge)
Jun 1, 2010


Mom & Phoenix in rain storm
Jun 2, 2010

Camera clears up

Hello Phoenix!
Camera clears up after rain.
Jun 2, 2010

Profile of Phoenix from ground

Phoenix profile on nest from ground

(Click picture to enlarge)

Jun 5, 2010



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Chapter 7 - Phoenix, Day 40 - 59


Jun 8 - Jun 26, 2010

Ground shot of Phoenix in nest

Phoenix looking out

(Click picture to enlarge)
Jun 8, 2010

Plumage increases

Plumage is coming in
Nonviable egg is still tended to in the nest.
Jun 9, 2010

Nap time

Nap time!
Notice the pink sea weed.


Video: Egg visable, Dad flies in

Video: Egg visible, Dad flies in
Dad flies in with fish - Egg shell not seen.
Jun 11, 2010, 09:41 AM



Video: Mom eats contents of egg

Video: Nonviable egg breaks & Mom eats contents
Remnants of egg visible.
Jun 11, 2010, 10:00 AM

Video: Phoenix moves "Woody"

Video:  Our hero Phoenix moves stick
Chatters call stick "Woody."
Jun 13, 2010

Trying to brood under Mom

Phoenix rests under Mom
Eaglet barely fits.
Jun 14, 2010

Dad landing

Dad coming in for a landing
Jun 16, 2010






Mom and Phoenix

Mom and Phoenix on nest
Mom feeding Phoenix.

Phoenix near edge

Phoenix near edge of nest
Jun 17, 2010

Flapping wings

Phoenix flapping wings
Chatters call this, "Wingercising."

Almost life size

Jun 23, 2010


Getting Bigger
(Click picture to enlarge)
Jun 24, 2010

Phoenix on fish

Fish pillow?
Jun 26, 2010

Fish pillow



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Chapter 8 - Phoenix


Jun 27 to Jul 13, 2010

Phoenix looking up at hawk

On edge of nest looking up

Phoenix watches a hawk fly over nest.
Jun 29, 2010

Looking over prow

Phoenix looking over prow
Jun 29, 2010

On prow

Phoenix on prow


Perfect Phoenix Poopshot!
For Ajl.

(Click picture to enlarge)
Jun 29, 2010

Wing exercising

Early morning wing exercising
July 6, 2010

Video Pheonix Branches

Video:  Phoenix Branches
Poops & Branches!
Jul 9, 2010

Phoenix looks down prow

Phoenix looking down from nest

(Click picture to enlarge)

Jul 10, 2010



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Chapter 9 - Phoenix Memorial


 Hatched: Mar 29, 2010                                 Death: Jul 14, 2010

Doug and Sheila Carrick, the Hornby Eagle Group and friends, are shocked and saddened to report the sudden collapse and death of our beloved Phoenix. A rescue effort was underway, but the eaglet's decline was sudden and swift. We ask that you remember Phoenix by supporting the work of rehabbers all around the world. The work they perform is invaluable to the health and welfare of all wildlife. We love you Phoenix, and we mourn with Mom and Dad Hornby.

Last breath

Phoenix takes last breath and dies
We will miss you dear one!
Jul 14, 2010, 7:19 p.m. Nest Time

Phoenix removed from nest

Phoenix taken down from the nest
Local tree climber gently removes Phoenix from nest.
Jul 15, 2010

Empty nest

Empty Nest
Jul 15, 2010

Empty nest at Sunset

Empty nest in sunset light



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Chapter 10 - Hornby Island Highlights


 Hornby Island Happenings. Mom & Dad and Hope Hornby.

Mum on nest

Mom on nest
Nov 13, 2009


Mum departs nest tree 1

Mom departs nest tree 2

Mom departs nest tree 3

Mom departs Nest tree
Nov 13, 2009

Dad cachunking

Dad cachunks from closeup cam
Nov 17, 2009

Dad departing Fosters Fir

Dad leaves Foster's Fir tree
Nov 17, 2009

Mom on tippy top of Fosters Fir

Mum on Fosters' Fir
Mum looking into the eyes of the photographer.
Nov 17, 2009

Mom leaves Fosters Fir

Mum leaves Fosters' Fir 
Note the nicks in her left wing tips.
Nov 17, 2009

Dad on close up cam

Dad on close up cam box
Nov 27, 2009

Dad & Mum in Babysitting tree

Dad & Mom in Babysitting tree
Looking the same direction.
Nov 27, 2009

Nest tree in moonlight

Nest tree in the moonlight
Arrow indicates the Nest tree.
Dec 1, 2009

Dad leaves cam box

Dad leaves the cam box
Dec 8, 2009

Hope in Blue Roof House tree

Juvenile (Hope) spotted in Blue Roof House tree
(Click on picture to enlarge)
Dec 18, 2009

Mum leaves Babysitting tree

Mom leaves Babysitting tree
Feb 9, 2010

Dad on top of Babysitting tree

Dad looks at Mom from tippy top of Babysitting tree
Feb 27, 2010

Hope flies over nest

Hope (2009 eaglet) flies over nest

May 5, 2010

Dad looks at Hope

Dad keeps watch in Babysitting tree
He did not seem agitated when the juvenile eagle (Hope) flew over.
May 5, 2010

Mom flies in landing on Nest tree stump

Mom flies to the top of Nest tree
May 15, 2010

Mom flies in to eat seal

Mom flies in to eat seal
Jun 20, 2010

Mom eating seal

Mom eating (pulling) at the seal

Mom on Nest tree stump

Mom on top of Nest tree stump
Jun 25, 2010

Mum & Dad in Peters' tree

Mom & Dad in the Peters' tree
Mom yawns. Mom's foot is clutched against her stomach!
Jul 10, 2010



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